Consult Dr. Salm for Dental Bridges to Replace Gaps from Missing Teeth

Restore Your Smile with Custom Dental Bridges in Brookfield

  • Dental bridges are another alternative to replace missing teeth. If an individual has one or more missing teeth, it can impact their bite, causing other teeth to move, changing how they smile, and even induce TMJ symptoms and cause speech impediments. Over time the wear and tear on your teeth can cause extreme oral discomfort, a heightened risk for dental decay and bone loss around the troubled area. If these issues remain untreated, bacteria can develop and lead to health issues throughout the body. Types of bridges vary depending on the number of teeth that need replaced and what part of the mouth the missing tooth was in. Our team will determine the type of bridge best suited for the individual patient.It is likely that Dr. Salm will need to reshape your teeth to place the bridge. The next step is putting the crowns on the reshaped teeth, which will be connected to the artificial tooth, acting as an anchor to hold it in place. A resin-bonded bridge is used to replace front teeth. In order for this to work, it’s important that the patient’s gums are healthy and strong and the teeth don’t have many fillings. Resin-bonded bridges don’t need as much preparation for the adjoining teeth. Trust Dr. Salm when it comes making the right dental bridge for you. We take pride in the high quality services we provide including dental bridges in Brookfield and the surrounding communities. Dr. Salm can create a dental bridge for you, which will transform your smile and improve your confidence.