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The goal of restorative dentistry is to bring the mouth back to its complete functionality. Despite taking appropriate preventative steps, there is a possibility that restoration is still needed. Uncontrollable factors, like car accidents or genetics, can potentially put individuals at a greater risk of needing restorative treatment at some point in their life.In order for Dr. Salm to treat his patients to the best of his ability, it is significant to identify what is at the root an issue and uses a thoughtful approach in order to do so. He takes the time to not just sees the patient’s teeth, but the person behind the smile. He gets to know the person’s background, life experiences and choices made over the years because a person’s history can have a great impact on their overall oral health. While working with his clients, he takes into account that all these decisions have an impact on the condition of your teeth today.Once Dr. Salm understands your unique condition, he educates his clients of the risk factors and benefits of the procedure. Education is a fundamental element in Dr. Salm’s practice because the more educated the patient is, the better they can assess their options to achieve the best results possible.Over the years, Dr. Salm has incorporated various treatments as a direct result of identifying patient’s individual needs. These treatments include bone augmentation, gingival recontouring, and occlusal therapy instead of mouth guards. He has implemented a variety of treatments including bone augmentation, gingival recontouring, and even occlusal therapy as an alternative to mouth guards.


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