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Introducing Dr. Richard Salm, Founder of Smiles for Miles Dentistry

Dr. Richard Salm

Dr. Salm has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for over 15 years. In 2006, Dr. Salm graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry (MUSOD). The following year, he completed a residency, also at MUSOD. Dr. Salm has been awarded a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) as a result of his commitment to continued education in the field of dentistry. This distinction is earned by only 4% of all dentists.

Dr. Salm spent the earlier years of his career working in both private and corporate dental practices. It was his experiences early on that made him realize that he ultimately wanted to end up owning his own private dental clinic. In 2014, Dr. Salm opened Smiles For Miles Family Dentistry.

Dr. Salm feels that owning his own dental practice is the best way to deliver high quality dental care in an environment that allows him to really get to know his patients. He has no “quotas” to meet and enjoys spending extra time with his patients to help teach them about their oral health. While he respects the fact that all dentists practice dentistry differently, he feels that the best approach is to make sure that each patient understands their oral condition. Oftentimes, this means showing his patients photos of their teeth and explaining (in an understandable way) what is actually in their mouths.

“Some patients join my practice after not seeing a dentist for quite some time. Others switch to my office after previously receiving regular dental care elsewhere. What surprises me the most about the majority of patients I meet, regardless of their history before me, is that they really have no idea what is in their mouth. For example, if I show a patient photos of multiple teeth with cracks, they tell me that they had no idea that the cracks even existed! In essence, they are hearing about this for the first time. While a crack in a tooth doesn’t always mean that the tooth needs treatment, there is a reason that it is there and in my opinion, warrants a discussion.

This is how I approach dentistry. I spend extra time with my patients to make sure that they are educated and therefore able to make informed decisions on the type of dental care they receive. The type of care someone chooses has no effect on the quality of care that  we deliver. We always strive to deliver top quality dental care. 

More often than not, though, there are multiple options as to how a patient can treat a condition and therefore different types of care they can pursue. When you consider a patient’s goals, budget, and how treatment fits into their life, having these options is invaluable.”

Currently, Dr. Salm resides in Waukesha with his wife Rashell, daughters Tallula and Zoe Lily, and son Oliver. He is a self-described “family man”. Much of his free time is spent with his family doing various activities. According to Dr. Salm: “Rashell and I are pretty easy going. As long as we are spending time with each other and our children, we’re happy. At the end of the day, when we’ve been fortunate enough to spend time together, and especially when the kids fall asleep quickly(!), we know that it’s been a good day!”

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