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Dentist-Recommended Strategies for Overcoming Tooth Sensitivity

Discover dentist-recommended strategies to battle tooth sensitivity, starting with understanding the causes, adopting proper oral hygiene, and exploring desensitizing toothpaste - don't miss out on these expert tips!
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The Impact of Technology on Dentistry: A Dentist's Insight

Witness the transformative power of technology in modern dentistry, shaping precision, efficiency, and patient care like never before.
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Sick Man At The Dentist In The Hospital

Navigating Dental Emergencies: A Dentist's Handbook

Get expert tips on handling dental emergencies with this comprehensive guide—learn how to save your smile in critical situations!
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Dentist Secrets: The Best Foods for a Healthy Smile

Munch on these dentist-approved foods to nourish your smile and discover the secret to optimal oral health.
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Pediatric Dentistry: A Dentist’s Advice for Young Smiles

Kickstart your child's oral health journey with expert tips from a pediatric dentist, ensuring bright smiles for the future.
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Dentist Curing The Patient's Teeth With Ultraviolet Lamp In His Office

The Ultimate Dentist's Guide to Tooth Whitening

Navigate the world of tooth whitening with expert tips and methods, promising a brighter smile worth discovering.
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Portrait Of Senior Male Dentist With Dental Equipment In The Dental Office

How to Choose the Perfect Dentist for Your Family

Seeking the ideal family dentist? Discover essential factors like qualifications, experience, and patient feedback to make the best choice.
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Close Up View Of Tools In The Modern Dental Office.

The Evolution of Dental Care: A Dentist's Perspective

Begin a journey through the evolution of dental care, uncovering ancient remedies to cutting-edge technologies, with surprises awaiting at every turn.
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Dental Hygiene. Dentist Holding Jaw Model And Showing How To Brush Teeth

A Dentist's Top Tips for Maintaining Healthy Gums

Want healthy gums? Discover essential tips from a dentist for maintaining strong, vibrant gums and a dazzling smile.
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Woman At The Dentist Complaining About A Tooth Pain. Dentistry

5 Signs You Need to Visit a Dentist Immediately

Get ahead of potential dental disasters by recognizing these 5 urgent signs that indicate an immediate visit to the dentist is crucial.
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Best Treats for your Teeth

Happy Halloween from our Waukesha dentist family!  We know (especially if you have children) that tonight will be a night of fun and fright, scares and sweets.  Even those of us who are kids at heart love the idea of Halloween.  It’s great fun to dress up in costumes whether for a party or for…
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Dental Implants: What you need to Know

In the dental industry, we celebrate Dental Implant Awareness Month each September.  We use this awareness to educate our Waukesha dentist patients and those throughout the nation on how dental implants can improve smiles.  So to honor this awareness month, let’s take a look at implants.  They are a great way to fix an issue…
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Farmer’s Markets and Your Oral Health

There is still plenty of time to take advantage of the health benefits the local produce and so-called ‘fruits of the season’ have to offer.   Fresh vegetables and fruits pack a ton of great nutrients and minerals into their flesh and skins that aid in heart health and oral health.  Below are some of our…
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Let’s get ready to floss!

One of the most popular video games is last year’s release by Epic Games.  Not familiar with Epic Games, well perhaps you’ve seen evidence of the cultural phenomenon they’ve set forth.  Fortnite, the company’s video game, reached over 100 million players in the span of one year.  Along with the game came the reemergence of…
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Oral Hygiene Camping Tips

Do you have a camping trip coming up this summer? Or maybe just a day trip planned for canoeing or hiking?  No matter how you spend your free time, our Waukesha dentist and staff reminds you to remember your oral health.  When you are out in the wilderness, it is advised to disrupt the environment…
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Mouthguards, Sports, and Your Teeth

While spring sports may be coming to an end, there are still plenty of reasons to consider adding a mouthguard to your equipment list.  We may have suffered through cold soccer games, rainy lacrosse matches, and snowy track and field events, but that doesn’t mean our teeth should suffer as well.  Our Waukesha dentist works…
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Dental Exams and Oral Cancer Screening

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed that April is known as Oral Cancer Awareness month in the dental industry.  Awareness of oral cancer is meant to educate people on the signs, symptoms, and causes that contribute to oral cancer.  So let’s take a moment to discuss how a Waukesha dentist appointment will…
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Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Oral Health

With the recent temperatures and weather, it may be hard to believe that spring is finally here.  Our Waukesha dentist and staff are ready for the warm temperatures, spring blossoms, and outdoor activities.  We’re also ready for sunshine!  After being stuck inside for so long this winter we’re sure you are ready to venture outside…
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Healthy Teeth Begin at an Early Age

February is chock full of awareness celebrations and holidays.  Groundhog Day kicks off the month, followed by Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.  We also have Black History Month, Heart Health Month, and Women’s History Month.  Most important to our team, perhaps, is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  In celebration of children’s oral health, it only…
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