Our CEREC Technology Creates Precise Crowns in About an Hour

Get a Custom Crown Placed in Just One Visit

If you require a crown, it can be daunting to consider the time it takes to fully repair your tooth. Traditional crowns require multiple appointments to prepare the tooth and place the crown. It can take weeks between these appointments to create the permanent crown, and a temporary restoration must be worn in the meantime. Dr. Richard Salm uses the CEREC® system to provide custom same-day crowns at his office in Waukesha, WI. These alternatives to traditional crowns are made of durable and natural-looking materials, which can restore the full function of your tooth in one visit. Contact our office to find out if this convenient option is right for you.

What is a CEREC same day dental crown?

A CEREC same day dental crown is a fast and precise way to improve the look and function of your smile. Special equipment is used in the dental office to quickly create a custom designed full or partial crown. This process is so quick that it can be done in about an hour and placed during just one visit!

How Crowns Restore Your Smile

Crowns are a vital part of both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. They can improve the aesthetics of a tooth by concealing stained, misshapen, worn, or irregularly shaped teeth. Crowns are also important for restoring the full function and health of your teeth. When a filling is not sufficient, crowns cover your existing tooth entirely to prevent further damage or decay. These restorations are often the final step in root canal therapy, and are also used to repair cracked, weakened, and severely decayed teeth. Dr. Salm will work with you to decide if a same-day or traditional crown works best for you.

Benefits of CEREC® Technology

Most noticeably, your treatment will be faster and more convenient with same-day CEREC® crowns. Many offices do not offer same day crowns in Waukesha, Brookfield, Elm Grove or any of the surrounding communities. With CEREC® your tooth can be restored to full function after one appointment rather than multiple appointments. With CEREC®, there is no need for extra procedures to both attach and remove temporary crowns, and more of the original tooth structure can be preserved. In addition, the products used to create these crowns come in a wide variety of shades and materials to ensure you receive the best restoration for your needs and appearance. Your new crowns will be natural-looking as well as durable.

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Why should I get a CEREC same day dental crown?

There are many advantages to getting a CEREC same day dental crown.


This advanced technology can produce a better-designed crown than other methods.


Since you do not have to wait for technicians in a dental lab to create your crown, you can simply schedule an appointment with Smiles For Miles and have a new crown fitted conveniently in our Waukesha office before your visit is over!


The particular design of the crown allows the dentist to place the crown quickly with less need for substantial adjustments later on.


No impressions are taken with liquid materials and hard trays that can irritate your mouth and jaw leaving you sore.


Unlike other types of crowns that can develop a dark line or ring near the gum line, CEREC crowns are fitted better to your teeth and mouth to avoid this effect.

No allergic reaction

Since a camera is used to take a picture of your teeth, there is no potential for you to have an allergic reaction to the impression taking materials. 

How Same-day Crowns Are Made

If you are a candidate for a same-day crown, Dr. Salm first removes damaged tissue, and reshapes your tooth. This ensures a stable base and fit for your new crown. Then he uses the CEREC® scanner to take digital impressions. These scans are often more accurate than traditional manual impressions, and do not require messy gels or uncomfortable trays. After taking several images, Dr. Salm uploads the digital impressions into the computer, and uses advanced software to custom-design your restoration. He can show you the designs as he creates them, so you know exactly what to expect from your treatment.

Once the designs for your new crown are finished, they are sent to our in-office CEREC® milling machine. This machine carves your restoration from a solid piece of ceramic chosen by Dr. Salm to match your existing teeth. This process typically takes an hour or less. When the crown is finished, Dr. Salm attaches it to your tooth. You can leave our office with a restored smile after only a couple of hours!

How do I take care of a CEREC same day dental crown?

CEREC same day dental crowns are made of strong material that mimics the look and function or your natural teeth. And just like your natural teeth, you need to take good care of them to ensure your smile will be bright and strong for a long time to come.


If cavity causing bacteria grows on your dental crown or natural teeth, your oral health may be compromised. With an unhealthy mouth, your CEREC same day dental crown may be at risk of not working to the best of its abilities. Brushing and flossing with products displaying the ADA Seal of Acceptance is a good way to help stop unwanted bacteria from growing.


Refraining from consuming foods and drinks that may stain your natural teeth important to ensure your CEREC same day dental crown doesn’t stand out. A healthy, balanced diet also supports oral health by allowing your entire body to perform as a well-working machine. If your oral health dwindles, your crown might not have a strong foundation to stay in place.

Dental Checkups

While CEREC same day dental crowns are usually fitted very well during the initial placement, it is best to continue visiting the dentist to make sure it is functioning as it should. The American Dental Association suggesting seeing the dentist for a professional cleaning and checkup twice every year. Depending on your own situation, you may need to make more or fewer appointments per year.

Find Out If You Are a Candidate

Same-day crowns can restore your smile in a quick and low-stress process providing lasting results. Contact us today to schedule a restorative consultation.