In-Office Whitening and Custom Take-Home Trays

Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

We constantly hear patients say they want a whiter, brighter smile. In fact, we get more inquiries about bleaching than any of our other services. We provide several teeth whitening services to get you the smile of your dreams:

Custom Trays

For custom trays, we take impressions to make customized whitening trays in our onsite lab. Our team checks the fit of the trays and shows the patient how to properly fill them with a whitening agent.Custom-made whitening trays give the patient freedom as can choose when they want to whiten their teeth. Trays make it easy to brighten your smile for special occasions to be able to look and feel your best. Custom whitening trays are an excellent choice to obtain a whiter and brighter smile.Teeth whitening is a simple treatment that can have dramatic benefits for your smile. We provide in-office treatment to lighten your teeth with EZ White® Pro. Dr. Salm and his team will apply a whitening gel to the front of your teeth, and then activate it with a special light. The gel will break apart dental stains, making your smile whiter in one visit. You can also lighten your smile at home using the Opalescence® custom trays and touch-up pen.


In Office Whitening

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