Seamlessly Match Your Natural Tooth Color in One Visit

Restore Your Smile with White Composite Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings restore strength to a damaged tooth, but these traditional restorations also detract from your smile. Dr. Salm prefers composite, tooth-colored fillings for their unrivaled aesthetics. Once any decay has been removed from your tooth, he will precisely match your enamel with a dental resin. The material will be placed, molded, hardened, and polished for a seamless finish. Tooth-colored fillings can be cared for just like your natural teeth. These restorations are durable and have been shown to last years longer than silver dental fillings. Some patients may also choose this treatment option to replace older silver fillings for a more natural appearance. Do you ever feel embarrassed about your silver fillings? Do you worry that people may notice them when you laugh or smile? Dr. Salm’s team is here to make sure you never feel that way again. Overtime amalgam silver fillings can have damage and weaken the structure of your teeth. To avoid future damage to your teeth, you can replace your silver fillings with natural toothlike white fillings. Composites are now made with plastic materials to better match the color of teeth. A direct composite filling can be completed in just one visit to Dr. Salm’s office.