Best Treats for your Teeth

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Happy Halloween from our Waukesha dentist family!  We know (especially if you have children) that tonight will be a night of fun and fright, scares and sweets.  Even those of us who are kids at heart love the idea of Halloween.  It’s great fun to dress up in costumes whether for a party or for trick-or-treating.  Yet, regardless of your age, it is important to take care of your smile and candy and teeth are two things that don’t go hand in hand. 

Candy and cavities

Candy is the treat of choice on Halloween; in fact it’s become a nearly a 10 billion dollar industry.  A large percentage of those dollars are spent on candy alone.  Unfortunately, candy isn’t a friend to teeth.  They may taste good, but without proper oral hygiene, the will leave cavities in their wake.  A few ways you can protect yourself from cavities are by following our Waukesha dentist team’s advice:

  1. Brush your teeth and floss after consuming candy
  2. Drink water after eating candy to remove sugar from your teeth and gums
  3. Talk to our Waukesha dentist about dental sealants
  4. Visit our office for regular dental exams twice a year

These are just a few ways you can avoid cavities.  For the best success, leave the candy behind and eat healthy fruits and vegetables rather than candy.

The type of candy matters

Candy that is sticky like caramel or taffy can damage dental work that you’ve had done at our Waukesha dentist office.  Hard candy is rough on teeth too and can break or chip a tooth.  If you are going to eat candy, choose treats that melt in your mouth like chocolate.  Suckers are okay, but lengthen the amount of time that the sugars sit and create havoc on your teeth.

National Dental Hygiene Month

Halloween brings to a close National Dental Hygiene Month.  The purpose of hygiene awareness is to encourage proper oral hygiene so that as Halloween approaches you’ll be well-versed in caring for your smile.

Have a discussion with our dentist or as a family about ways in which you can take care of your smile.  Look into ways to donate your candy or simply enjoy the holiday with a few extra brushing and flossing sessions.  The best treats you can give your teeth are healthy fruits and vegetables and brushing and flossing.  Check us out on Facebook if you need some oral hygiene tips or call our office if you’d like to learn about more ways you can keep your smile happy and healthy.