Dental Implants: What you need to Know

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In the dental industry, we celebrate Dental Implant Awareness Month each September.  We use this awareness to educate our Waukesha dentist patients and those throughout the nation on how dental implants can improve smiles.  So to honor this awareness month, let’s take a look at implants.  They are a great way to fix an issue with your smile and are easy to maintain.

A birds-eye view of dental implants

An implant is a restorative dental procedure in which a synthetic tooth replaces a missing or compromised tooth.  Implants are used for bridges at times, or for dentures when necessary to hold them in place.  Yet, an implant is best as a replacement for a standalone tooth.  The implant begins with our Waukesha dentist surgically placing a post, or fixture which acts as the support or root of the tooth.  Then a crown is attached to this post.  A crown is designed using a ceramic tooth which has been designed to look like your natural tooth.

Caring for an implant

Oral hygiene routines for your implant are very similar to the normal recommended routing of brushing and flossing.  Floss daily and brush at least two times every day.  Because an implant replaces one tooth at a time, flossing feels natural as does speaking and eating.  An implant is simply a replacement for your missing tooth.  It functions as your original tooth did, and looks natural in your smile.  Bi-yearly dental exams are recommended to ensure the implant is doing its job.

Do you want a better smile?

An implant is a common procedure and our Waukesha dentist had done thousands of them.  If you’ve been embarrassed about your smile because a tooth is missing, an implant will fix your smile.  A good smile improves self-esteem and creates a great first impression.  Call our office today to schedule a consultation to see if dental implants are right for you.  We’ll evaluate your situation and discuss various options for rebuilding your smile. Our goal is to provide our patients with a comfortable environment in which to receive the best dentistry services in Waukesha and its surrounding areas.  You can learn more about implants and services on our Facebook page or by calling our office.  We help patients every day with their smiles and look forward to doing the same for you.