Dental Exams and Oral Cancer Screening

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If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed that April is known as Oral Cancer Awareness month in the dental industry.  Awareness of oral cancer is meant to educate people on the signs, symptoms, and causes that contribute to oral cancer.  So let’s take a moment to discuss how a Waukesha dentist appointment will help you maintain your oral health.

It starts with each dental exam

Every time you visit our Waukesha dentist for your regular dental exam, you are screened for oral cancer.  This short, 5-minute procedure allows our dentist, Dr. Salm, to examine your oral cavity and neck for any abnormalities.  The key to fighting cancer is to detect it at the earliest possible stage.  The quicker it is caught, the more your survival rate increases.

Dental professionals look for irregularities, discoloration in soft tissues, unexplained bleeding, and open sores.  Your tongue, gums, tonsils, and neck are examined for lumps or bumps that have lasted longer than a few weeks.  The reason that we offer oral cancer screening at every one of your appointments is to lessen the time that a cancer has to grow and get worse.

Update your medical history

Any time there is a change to your health or the medications you take you should tell your Waukesha dentist at your next appointment.  Should you notice a change in your oral cavity due to these changes, you will want to call us sooner rather than waiting for your scheduled appointment.  You are your best and strongest advocate for your health.  If something feels off, it’s worth checking it out.  Our oral cancer screening procedure is based upon years of training and experience.  However, share any concerns with us that you have noticed as soon as possible so we can rule out cancer.

Why is oral cancer screening important?

The biggest reason oral cancer screening is important is prevention.  If an abnormality is detected early, it can be removed before advancing.  When cancer is treated in early stages, you’ll eliminate it and prevent it from spreading.  With regular check-ups every 6 months, you can be sure to catch most oral cancers. Our wish is to help you protect not just your oral cavity, but your overall health as well.  As you continue to practice good oral hygiene, with regular dental appointments we can prevent any unwanted disease from taking over your life.  April may be the month for oral cancer awareness, but it is proper education that will keep you healthy year after year.Contact our office with any questions you have or to schedule your next visit and oral cancer screening.  We look forward to seeing you in our office soon.