Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Oral Health

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With the recent temperatures and weather, it may be hard to believe that spring is finally here.  Our Waukesha dentist and staff are ready for the warm temperatures, spring blossoms, and outdoor activities.  We’re also ready for sunshine!  After being stuck inside for so long this winter we’re sure you are ready to venture outside as well.  Our bodies need the vitamin D it provides and crave it when we don’t get enough.  So let’s look at ways we can increase the amount of vitamin D in our daily diet.

Natural Sunlight

Contrary to what you may think, the sun does not give us vitamin D.  It does, however, make our skin synthesize the production of vitamin D….in large quantities.  While, the sun’s rays may be unhealthy for our unprotected skin, even 10 to 20 minutes outside before lathering on sunscreen is beneficial to your health.   Northerners are known for having vitamin D deficiencies, especially in the winter, so talk with your doctor or our Waukesha dentist about ways in which you can add to your daily dose of vitamin D.


Milk is a good source of vitamin D.  To get your recommended daily value, you’ll need to consume about 4 cups every day.  Additionally, the older you get, the more vitamin D you’ll need.  The calcium found in milk is great for healthy bones and teeth.  Vitamin D works to help our bones absorb the calcium so they remain strong.  It keeps our gums healthy and reduces the risk of gum disease.


1 egg only contains about 15-20% of our daily recommended value of vitamin D.  However, eggs are a rich source of protein, so a little vitamin D is just a healthy bonus.


Aside from sunlight, certain fish are the best options for high sources of vitamin D.  Salmon, Mackerel, and Tuna are a great option when your vitamin D levels are low.  These oily fish are also a wonderful source of omega-3s.  Omega-3 fatty acids lower bad cholesterol, promote healthy skin and nails, and improve brain function. Unfortunately, there is a small selection of foods to choose from when your body craves vitamin D.  If you feel lethargic, experience seasonal depression, or notice an increase in skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, you may need to boost your vitamin D intake. Talk with our Waukesha dentist to make sure the vitamin D deficiency is not leading you down the path of gum disease or tooth decay.  Find grocery products which have been fortified with vitamin D and make an effort to get outside even on cold, snowy days.The good news is that the temperatures are warming up.  So, get outside and take advantage of the free vitamin D sunlight helps your body make.  Visit us on Facebook for additional ways to maintain your oral health through your diet; just remember to take a break from the technology to bask in the sun for a bit.