See Exactly What the Dentist Sees for More Engaging & Informative Care

Enhanced Exams & Treatment Planning with Intraoral Cameras

Innovations in technology has supplied the industry with solutions that allow our team to better detect issues at early stages. We proudly offer treatments using IntraOral imaging. The IntraOral camera allows us to catch even the slightest of problems, which ultimately helps us detect signs early on that have the potential to turn into more severe issues in the future.What Are IntraOral Cameras?IntraOral cameras are tiny digital cameras, about the of a pen and allow us to project real time images of the mouth onto a larger screen. This device makes it easy to educate our patients as they can see the exam right in front of them. The more educated our patients are, the better informed decisions they can make regarding their dental health. The IntraOral cameras also have an LED light that assists us with diagnosing cavities, fractures, and other deficiencies that are otherwise difficult to see with our eyes.Advantages of IntraOral Cameras

  • Instant Results: IntraOral imaging allows you to see exactly what Dr. Salm sees and what he is doing while working on your teeth, giving you a more informed and engaged dentist visit
  • Precision: The IntraOral camera allow us to take images of the inside of your mouth, giving us a more detailed scope to work with and be able to look for any changes to your mouth overtime
  • Easy referrals: If other treatments are required from another specialist, we can easily email your images from the IntraOral exam
  • Better Planning: Our comprehensive IntraOral exams make it easy to identify the top treatment options for your specific oral health needs