Our Cutting-Edge Imaging Provides Clear Pictures for Proper Diagnosis

Advanced Digital X-Rays for Comprehensive Oral Exams

  • Our knowledgeable team knows how to operate our cutting-edge equipment to provide you with the superior service and solutions.
  • Images aid us in determining the right treatment for your oral health needs. The radiation concentration in our digital X-ray system is at a far lower level than the majority of imaging technologies.
  • Our innovative oral imaging offers several benefits for our clients and Dr. Salm’s team. The technologies we use allow for quick, direct and comprehensive results while exposing our patients to minimal radiation. The sophisticated system provides our team with high quality images to show nerves, sinuses, teeth, and bones. Being able to view these areas allow better treatment for disorders like TMJ, installing implants and treatments concerning dental surgery and orthodontics.
Panoramic ImageOur digital panoramic unit is able to take pictures in the lower part of the face and jaw lines, providing a comprehensive image of the maxillary sinuses, mandibular condyles, maxilla, nose, and mandible. This sophisticated imaging also reveals erupted and unerupted teeth and root alignment.X-raysX-rays are essential in preventative dentistry and offer results a regular examine may not be able to. These images help Dr. Salm and his team properly spot any defects and allow them to walk you through the best treatment options. Some issues that can go undiagnosed without the assistance of an X-ray:
  • Bone Loss
  • Tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous)
  • Poorly positioned or rooted teeth
  • Cysts or abscesses
  • Decay between teeth
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