Let’s get ready to floss!

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One of the most popular video games is last year’s release by Epic Games.  Not familiar with Epic Games, well perhaps you’ve seen evidence of the cultural phenomenon they’ve set forth.  Fortnite, the company’s video game, reached over 100 million players in the span of one year.  Along with the game came the reemergence of a few old dance moves.  As a Waukesha dentist focused on oral health, perhaps ‘the floss’ is our most favorite. While we may be unable to successfully complete these awesome dance moves, we can help you keep your smile in great shape.  After all, dancing is fun and it’s bound to make you show off those pearly whites.

How to floss your teeth

Flossing is a task that should be done after brushing.  Our Waukesha dentist recommends flossing once every day.  The reason we floss is to remove plaque and bacteria that gets stuck between the teeth and under the gum line where toothbrushes don’t always reach.  Floss between each tooth using gentle up and down, and side to side motions.  This action ensures your teeth stay as clean and healthy as possible.

Types of floss

Traditional string floss comes in a variety of flavors, but most popular are mint, cinnamon, and plain.  Floss is waxed or un-waxed; a preference that you can determine for yourself.  Our Waukesha dentist also suggests floss pics if controlling string floss is too difficult.  Young children find it easier to manage floss picks and are thus much more energetic to floss their teeth.  Finally, a water flosser is ideal for any age, but especially for patients with braces.

Floss while doing the floss

If you or your children need a little motivation to floss, try making it fun.  A little hip action while flossing your teeth will provide entertainment while you floss your teeth.  Adults should floss young children’s teeth until they reach a point where they can take over their personal oral health.  However, it’s a great idea to let them try it on their own first as they perfect their fine motor skills. Our Waukesha dentist and staff may not be the best floss dancers, but we are pretty fantastic at flossing teeth.  If you or your children need a refresher on flossing tips and techniques, head on over to our Facebook page or talk with us at your next scheduled visit.  Perhaps you can teach us how to do ‘the floss.’