Farmer’s Markets and Your Oral Health

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There is still plenty of time to take advantage of the health benefits the local produce and so-called ‘fruits of the season’ have to offer.   Fresh vegetables and fruits pack a ton of great nutrients and minerals into their flesh and skins that aid in heart health and oral health.  Below are some of our Waukesha dentist office’s favorites along with how they aid in good oral health.  Pick these items up at your local farmer’s market or store while they are in season if you don’t already have them planted in your own backyard.


Cucumbers are plentiful right now and great for your skin, gums, and bones.  They are a wonderful source of potassium and magnesium and can be eaten as is, in salads, or even as your extra crunch in chicken salads.


Add color to your plate with the deep hues of eggplant.  An eggplant lasagna or roasted eggplant, lightly seasoned, is a fabulous meal in itself.  Eggplant is rich in B vitamins which aid in your oral health.  Additionally, eggplant provides antioxidants which protect your gums from gum disease.  A little eggplant along with brushing and flossing every day will keep your mouth happy.


This time of year is great for summer squash.  It’s packed with vitamin C which is great for your gums and the soft tissues of the mouth.  Protect yourself from gingivitis and periodontal disease by consuming plenty of squash and dark, leafy greens.


If you’re lucky enough to find figs at your farmer’s market, snatch up a few.  Figs are a wonderful source of potassium and manganese.  Manganese is known to help repair soft connective tissues.  This helps your body absorb calcium, thus promoting bone and enamel health.


Fresh, ripe peaches are a Waukesha dentist staff favorite.  Eat them now or can them for later.  Peaches are so versatile and can be used as a salad addition or ice cream or cottage cheese topping.  Cut them in half and grill them with a small sprinkle of brown sugar for an amazing dessert.  Peaches are rich in potassium and Vitamin A which helps your mouth heal and protects your soft tissues.

Local markets have a wide variety of wonderful produce that goes a long way in keeping your oral health in great condition.  Select tasty vegetables to oven roast with your favorite spices or create a new dish packed full of vitamins and minerals to sustain your health.  Share your creations on our Waukesha dentist Facebook page as we love trying new dishes and take advantage of all the great foods the season has to offer.